3 Unique Things to Do in Paris with Kids

If you’re a regular here, you know by now that my favorite activity is…. shopping for experiences! I get so excited about discovering something new especially so when I became a mom. Friends always tease me about finding these gems hidden in the world wide web. Well… I’m going to let you in on a little secret today and share 3 things to do in Paris with kids 😉

My Secret for Authentic Travel Experiences: Localers!

Ever since I discovered Localers, my work has never been easier especially when we have a trip planned in Europe. We have used them several times over the years. In fact, you will find us featured in their private photo sessions both in Venice and in Paris hah! 

No… this is NOT a paid ad. I just love their service so much. The main reason is that – as their name suggests – no matter what activity you choose to do, your guide is always a local. I LOVE spending time with locals because it’s the only way to get even remotely close to experiencing the people, culture and food true to the country!

Finding Local Experience with Kids

One of our favorite experiences with Localers was a tour called Space Invaders. Did you know that there is an artist in Paris who is known for his ceramic tile mosaic art? These tiles are arranged in such a way that they look pixelated much like the 1978 arcade game space invaders which is the inspiration for his name! We didn’t know this until we met Isabelle our tour guide from Localers.

The Best Part?

The best part about this tour was that it taught us both adults and kids alike that it was important to look up or you’ll miss out on discovering some incredible things. A great reminder especially today when we are all glued to our phones isn’t it?

While it doesn’t seem like this tour is still available, today, I’m going to be your bespoke travel agent and share 3 unique things you can do in Paris with kids!

3 Unique Things to Do in Paris with Kids

1. Playing Petanque with the locals!

I have never even heard of this game but how fun would that be? A quick google search tells me that it is a game where two opposing teams “throw boules (metallic spheres the size of an orange) as close as possible to a but (little wooden sphere the size of a plastic bottle cork, also called a cochonnet, meaning piglet)”. The tour also includes a short tour of Palais Royal and drinks! Learn more here…

2. History of Paris Private Tour

Not your usual tour, this one was specially curated for a family. Your expert, who is trained in youth education will also come armed with a booklet for each child filled with activities, games, and puzzles. While I have not experienced this one myself, I can confirm that Isabelle, our guide for the Space Invader tour did come armed with a booklet as well as an activity for our kids to make their own space invader in a quaint little park along the tour as you can see in the pictures below. Learn more about the tour here…

things to do in paris with kids playground

3. Paris Street Art Tour – Artsy Village & Mural Frescoes

There is no way I am not recommending an art tour haha! In one of our posts on Instagram, I shared how we switched from collecting mini snow globes and magnets to collecting small pieces of art unique to the country we visit. I love it so much because it adds such a wonderful diverse splash of scenery and color to our home.

Why didn’t I think of this sooner?!” is something I ask myself every time I catch a glimpse of them. This tour focuses on street art! Your guide will share insider stories and explore the evolution of street art since the 1970s. You can find it here…

places to travel from paris

Why You Should Try to Experience Something with a Local

Whatever you decide to do, try to experience something with a local, especially when you’re looking for things to do in Paris with kids. Some of the perks for us have been discovering local food haunts and building relationships with our guide beyond the tour. Fun fact: Our photo tour guide Mabel saved me from being pickpocketed in the Metro and I will forever be grateful to her for it. 

Shakespeare & Company Bookstore

Isabelle, our Space Invader guide, brought us to Shakespeare and company when she heard that it was on our kids’ list of bookstores and libraries to visit around the world. She then showed our girls a secret little spot where people leave notes to be discovered by others. She also encouraged Isabella (our youngest) to leave a little note and promised to check on it the next time she was there. Guess what? She kept her promise and wrote to us many months after to tell us that she found it and that she had left one that she made for us to find the next time we are there. 

No matter where our adventures take us, at the end of the day, these special human connections, friendships, and memories are the treasures we cherish and carry with us forever <3 What are your most memorable experiences? Let me know in the comments!


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