The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Meaningful Gifts

‘Tis the season for holiday gift guides and this year I’ve met so many incredible humans with small businesses doing incredible things! Some of them may not come as a surprise to you because you’ve heard me talk about them before. I just can’t share them enough so let’s get to it, shall we?

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Meaningful Gifts

Photo Credit: @kesiafinleyart

#1 Kesia Finely Art

If you have not discovered her yet, get ready to be blown away. Kesia is a self trained, ridiculously talented artist whose hands can bring to life anything she sets her mind to.

She has an affinity for nature inspired art and there is so much detail in each piece that it’ll have you believe they’d move to your touch.

When Kesia lost her beloved father last year, she needed an outlet and remembered how much she loved to draw. She picked up her pencils again to heal her heart and this has been a blessing and a gift that she now shares with the world.

You can find her on Instagram @kesiafinleyart

Photo Credit: @elleehome

#2 Sandy From Elle Home

Sandy from @elleehome has a mantra I personally live by – Do what you love – Always! On her Instagram page she shares some incredible DIY and so many of her equally talented friends.

There is no shortage of inspiration – and laughs – when you start your day with Sandy. The best part is she has merchandise with her motto. From hats to comfy hoodies to stickers, there is something for everyone on your list with the reminder to do what you love always. 

You can find her on Instagram @elleehome

Photo Credit: @welcometothejunglehome

#3 Phoebe From Welcome to the Jungle Home

My friend Phoebe from @welcometothejunglehome is a talented photographer and a plant lover. Her love for plants was nurtured by her time with her grandmother who shared how to love, nourish and care for these green beauties.

These last two years have certainly inspired so many of us to welcome nature into our homes like never before. While sharing easy tips to care for your plant babies, Phoebe also has wonderful gifts you can share with the ones you love this holiday season. You can find beautiful plant-related products such as Plant Tarps, Candles, and Jewelry.

You can find her on Instagram @welcometothejunglehome

#4 Mariya Eleanor Designs

Everyone who knows me knows I have a thing for artists, so it’s no surprise that I have another artist to feature today. @mariya_eleanor_designs makes these breathtaking hand fiber art hung on carved wood.

It’s impossible to describe them in a way that would honor them accurately so you’ll just have to go see them for yourself on her website I’ve recently purchased one as a gift for myself for my birthday. I cannot wait to welcome it into my home and know exactly where I’m going to hang this beauty for everyone to fall in love with.

You can find her on Instagram @mariya_eleanor_designs

Photo Credit: @monpetitfour

#5 Beeta @ Mon Petit Four

The last person on my list is someone who speaks my love language of travel and culture of course! Meet Beeta a self-proclaimed francophile who has built a community made up of those who love all things French! She also just recently made a dream of hers come true – Beeta moved to live in Paris and call it home!

We all know at least one person who loves French culture, food, and people, right? Gift that someone or yourself a membership to her wonderful community. You will have access to exclusive content to live tours, cooking classes, a monthly book club, and a weekly get-together. She also hosts an annual retreat to Paris that is carefully and thoughtfully curated. You can find her website at!

You can find her on Instagram @monpetitfour

And that’s it for this year’s holiday gift guide! These are some of the best small businesses to support while you shop for loved ones this holiday season. Remember that you can also support them by following, liking, and sharing their content on social media without having to spend anything but a few minutes of your time. I love sharing my circle of beautiful, colorful humans with so much heart behind each of their stories. I can’t wait for you to get to know them and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with them as much as I have. Do share what goodies you get!

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