The Only Crepe Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Easiest, Delicious Crepe Recipe with Blackberry Jam

Once upon a time, I travelled quite a bit for work, and it can really get to you after a while. To counter this, my colleagues and I always tried our best to squeeze in some time to enjoy each other’s company. On a trip to Paris in October last year, my favorite Irish lassie (Eileen) and I booked ourselves an Airbnb Experience. Eileen loves everything Parisian so what better way to start our day than with a freshly made crepe? Little did I know that we were about to meet the talented, kind and beautiful Eleonora Galasso. Here is the story of a beautiful day spent making the easiest and most delicious crepes in her kitchen. This is the only crepe recipe you’ll ever need!

Paris Easiest Crepe Recipe Ingredients AirBnb Cooking Class

This crepe recipe is extra special. It was gifted to Eleonora by a grandmother in one of the villages she had visited. Full disclosure: I’ve made some tweaks to the recipe because… I don’t recall the exact recipe 100%. I am sure of the ingredients but not the amounts. Sorry! I was too busy listening to Eleonora. If you’ve met her, you’d understand what I mean. So Eleonora, if you’re reading this, please feel free to correct me hah! The recipe I’ve adapted from the class makes about 10 crepes. You can also store the batter in an air tight container in the fridge for 2 days. Just make sure to give it a good stir when you’re taking it out to make another batch.

An added bonus in this recipe lies in its simplicity. Notice the alarming lack of special tools we’ve all been convinced we need to make beautiful ones? Admit it… you have a crepe batter spreader and spatula somewhere don’t you? It’s ok. I thought I needed all of those tools too. LIES! HAHA! All you need are a few quality ingredients and a pan like this 10 inch one or this 9 inch non stick one by Cuisinart or a splurge like this 10 inch copper one from Mauviel. I prefer to use my Le Creuset pan with this organic non stick spray. Remember that you don’t need to buy anything new. I promise you, any 9 or 10 inch pan will do. If (like me) you don’t have a nonstick pan, the key is using just enough butter or non stick spray so the batter doesn’t stick.

When I came home, I couldn’t wait to tell my girls the wonderful tale of preserving traditions and passing them down to others to enjoy. Eleonora’s personal story is also an amazing one which led her to being an active advocate for those in abusive relationships. We went for a cooking class but walked away with inspiring life lessons too. Get your recipe card from the link below!

P.S. Everything mentioned in our post will also be found in Our Favorite Things section that’s coming soon! Until then, here are links to the specialty ingredients. Remember though that you can always use All Purpose flour and leave out the optional items. 1. French All Purpose Organic Wheat Flour 2. Pure Vanilla Bean Powder . Click below for full recipe!

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