The Beautiful Island and People of Puerto Rico!

Hammock swaying next to the lagoon. Ask for snorkel gear, walk into the clear waters and swim towards the beautiful sea life among the corals.

Our first trip to Puerto Rico was in August of 2019. We were immediately struck by the warmth of the people who made us feel welcomed as soon as we arrived. It always brings a smile to my face when I think about the beautiful island and people of Puerto Rico!

Lessons from Hurricane Maria
Amazing driver from Dorado Beach Resort and Spa Ritz Carlton Reserve

The first human we met was an encyclopedia of places to go and see in Puerto Rico and Old San Juan! He also shared stories of his experiences pushing through the devastation that Hurricane Maria left in her wake. What was most admirable, was his positive spirit. Both him and his wife decided to create a world of adventure for their kids. They pretended to be explorers who built forts, told stories under tents lit by their flashlights and found creative ways to nourish themselves each day. The alternative he explained, was to be overwhelmed by the frightening reality of not having power, not having the comforts of their home and not knowing how they would eat that day. The human spirit is an incredible thing isn’t it?

Why Puerto Rico?

Today, as we live through our own new reality, I wanted to look back on our first fabulous trip with joy and celebrate the inspiration and wisdom shared by the amazing humans in that beautifully resilient island. The other bonus about Puerto Rico is the fact that it’s a domestic flight. From New York, we were a very short plane ride away to beautiful waters, sun, sand and that addictive smell of the ocean breeze.

Where we stayed
View of private plunge pool in room at the Dorado Beach Resort and Spa a Ritz Carlton Reserve

We stayed at the breathtaking Dorado Beach Resort & Spa, a Ritz Carlton Reserve property. There are just not enough words to describe the incredible time and delicious meals we had there. Undoubtedly, the signature Ritz Carlton guest experience was ever present. The way they anticipate your needs before you even realize you need something (so skillfully done without being intrusive) is truly… magical.

Let me help you!
Relaxing view of white sands ocean lagoon at Dorado beach Ritz Carlton Reserve Puerto Rico

We want you to experience the beautiful island and people of Puerto Rico for yourselves! To ease you of the burden of researching where to go, what to do and where to stay, you’ll find your Free download below where I also share:

  • Tips on how we’ve managed to get some great hotel + flight deals.
  • Places to visit in San Juan
  • Experiences to create memories that last a lifetime

Kiss the pain of research and planning goodbye!

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