I’m so excited to be able to welcome you here to meet our family! For starters, let me paint you a quick picture about the imperfect stories behind this “perfect” picture. My husband and I beat some crazy odds to build a life together in NYC. Our oldest child Allie, came roaring into the world at a whopping 9 pounds while Izzie, our youngest, made a dramatic entrance at 25 weeks weighing 1 pound 10 ounces (Yes, you read that right)!

Our Hope

We hope our adventures help you through the little and not so little things in this life we all share. Whether you are looking for a quick tasty recipe to feed the family in a hurry, lessons from life experiences to feed your heart hope, immersive travel ideas or delicious books to feed the mind, we hope that our stories bring some relief to whatever you’re dealing with that day. If we punctuated your day with a smile and brought a daily dose of love, that my friends, is a win to us.

Our Why

Don’t just meet our family, get to know us better when you read about what we believe in and our why. We share our top 5 guiding principles to give you an insider view into the engine that runs behind everything we do. We would love to hear what your family subscribes to as well! Do share it with us in the comments or you can write to me directly at mirfie@lovethechans.com.

Our Vision

The vision is that this is not just about us sharing our adventures. We hope to create extended families across the globe that we may some day be lucky enough to visit! So let’s build this little virtual home filled with love and positivity in the vast world wide web together. Do get comfy, don’t be shy and share your stories too. Why? Because you never know who you could help turn lemons into lemonade or who needs to find that rainbow today.

Love, Mirfie