How We Shop Our Local Christmas Market & Find the Best Hidden Treasures

On a business trip to Canada one year, my friend, Eileen, introduced me to Christmas Markets and I have been hooked since! In a recent blog post, I shared our adventures of a Christmas Market in Brugges. Today, I want to highlight the incredible Christmas markets in my hometown of NYC!

How We Shop Our Local Christmas Market & Find the Best Hidden Treasures

Take a Stroll with a Cup of Hot Apple Cider

It’s impossible to pick a favorite because I love the Central Park Christmas Market and the Bryant Park Christmas Market equally but differently. I’ve passed down this love for them to my kids and we love to take a leisurely stroll with a cup of hot apple cider in our hands. 

Find Your Favorite Family Traditions @ the Christmas Markets

Allie loves to go ice skating with her daddy in Bryant Park while Isabella and I sneak away to grab some yummy melted Raclette over toast. I look forward to this treat every single year. There’s just something about sinking my teeth into the warm, crunchy cheesy toast. I especially love the burnt bits. Just thinking about it makes me want to hop into the car to make my way there!

Watch the Raclette Toast Being Made:

This is also the time of year I embarrass my teenage kids with our annual carousel ride. Yes I LOVE riding a carousel. I don’t believe there’s an age limit to enjoying one hah!

Why I Love the Central Park Christmas Market

Central Park always has a special place in my heart and the Christmas Market there is no exception. There are definitely more vendors there and I have purchased some truly special items over the years. My favorite piece is a pearlescent string of delicate japanese pearls with a pinkish tint that can be worn as a necklace in so many different ways. I’ve even worn this piece as a bracelet. 

How Much Time Do You Spend Shopping?

I usually allocate 2 – 3 hours when we are headed for this adventure. Don’t forget to layer up with a thermal preferably and dress warm so you can truly enjoy your time there. Which one locally or internationally is your favorite? Do share so that I can add them to my list!

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