Enjoy an Authentic Puerto Rican Dish with This Mofongo Recipe

How many of you have had mofongo? The first time we had this classic Puerto Rican dish was while we were in Puerto Rico in August 2019. I had found an incredible deal for the Dorado Beach Resort, which is a Ritz Carlton Reserve property, and I could not resist. So off we went to celebrate Kev and Allie’s birthdays! For brunch one morning, we had our first taste of mofongo and it was love at first bite!

Puerto Rican dish Mofnongo Recipe

We wanted to have it again the next day and we were told that they were out of plantains but were expecting a shipment that day. The next day, it still had not arrived and it didn’t arrive the day after either. If you have heard about the Ritz Carlton’s unparalleled customer experience it isn’t until you experience it that you really appreciate how magical it is. 

Our Private Cooking Class at the Dorado Beach Resort – Ritz Carlton

As many of you regulars know by now, we always try to squeeze in a cooking class wherever we go. (Check out Airbnb Experiences for the best local cooking classes for your next trip!) The resort offered a private culinary experience on the property with the head Chef at one of their restaurants. Little did we know that they had already planned for the authentic Puerto Rican dish of mofongo to be one of our dishes that day because they had heard through the grapevine that we loved it so much. 

Puerto Rico Cooking Class at Ritz Carlton
Puerto Rico Cooking Class at Ritz Carlton

The Best Mofongo Recipe We’ve Ever Had!

While I don’t know if this is a traditional recipe, it is the best we’ve had and we have had so many different mofongo recipes ever since that first time. Have yet to find one that can beat the one we had!

So… here is the best mofongo we have had ever! Enjoy!

An Authentic Puerto Rican Dish – Mofongo Recipe


xoxo, Mirfie & the Chan Fam

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