Encore for Unexpected Kindness in our pandemic world

Random Acts of Kindness

Doesn’t it feel like we could really use an overdose of goodness? Dreaming up a surprise that touches the deepest corners of someone’s heart is a favorite indulgence of mine. And yes, selfishly, it makes my heart happy too! Which is why I’m calling for an encore for unexpected kindness in our pandemic world.

In our new reality, I find myself fiercely choosing to kick off the day with positivity before I let anything else in. I need to fuel my heart with hope and love so that I am in a better headspace. This helps me to have the kind of conversations with our kids that leaves them feeling inspired to action the change that needs to happen. More importantly, I hope it helps them recognize that they can choose to respond with grace and kindness. Fortunately, I am also surrounded by an amazing tribe of humans. These brilliantly inspiring group of friends and family collected over the years, are the very first rays of wisdom and sunshine that I actively seek out before the light of the day even greets me in full force. 

Today, I want to highlight an amazing act of kindness from two adorable little ones that belong to our family of friends. They left this little chalk drawing on their driveway for their mailman when the pandemic first took hold. Yes, there have been so many kids and families all around the world who did something similar. What a beautiful thing worthy of celebration and recognition! Does that make any one of them any less special? Can we all agree that the answer to that is no? In a media infused world, we often look for the next big news and glance over the “normal” ones. The events of late have proven that we definitely shouldn’t glance over the norm until we are desensitized to them.

It’s scientifically proven that children have built in empathy before they can even say their first words – encouraging an act of kindness that they can do themselves is a stepping stone to what involvement and empowerment means and feels like in a way that’s relatable. What could easily be viewed as a small act of kindness is in fact, how seeds of change are planted that eventually grow into inspired acts that change the world.

There is no kindness too small or too common. Thank you to all of you who are donating resources, sharing your talents, repurposing your businesses, making surprise notes, wearing masks to protect each other in our communities, having difficult conversations with our kids – the list goes on. As we rally together to do the best we can, these moments of gratitude feeds the hearts and minds that need it most to keep us all going. Don’t forget to show yourself some love and compassion too!

So, who will you recognize today? Your kids for their resilience in the new normal? Yes Please! Yourself for reaching new levels of what a “balancing act” means? I hear you. We need to hear more stories of kindness and gratitude on repeat! Wherever you are in the world when you’re reading this, please, share your stories or pictures in the comments. You can also send them to stories@lovethechans.com. Once again, there is no act too small or too ordinary. My heart thanks you in advance because it is filled with joy and excitement at the very thought of meeting all your heroes too. 

Stay safe, healthy and above all else… Kind. 

P.S. Want ideas to spread unexpected kindness? If you haven’t seen it already, I love the one by Joanna Gaines because she echoes how powerful day to day kindness is. Linked here. #spreadkindness #makekindnessloud

Love, Mirfie

Mirfie Chan

Hi, I’m Mirfie. Born and raised on the beautiful tropical island of Singapore, love led me to a magical winter wonderland in New York City. An unexpected plot twist in the love story and I found myself moving to NYC permanently. My heart refuses to choose so I call both these amazing cities home! Today, I share this imperfectly perfect life with 3 of my favorite humans. Welcome to my little haven – imagined in 2020 where I share the adventures, recipes and glimpses of our daily life.