5 Reasons the Dorado Beach Ritz Carlton is Totally Worth the Splurge

The Dorado Beach Resort is a Ritz Carlton Reserve Property. There is a marked difference between this and any other Ritz Carlton property which you will immediately feel the minute you arrive. If you’ve been to a Ritz hotel, you’ll know that they are a luxury hotel chain. A reserve property however is an experience unlike any other. 

There are ONLY 5 Ritz Carlton Reserve Properties in the World!

For starters, there are only 5 in the world. To give you an idea of just how different it is, here’s how the Ritz themselves describes a Reserve property: “Time stands still as the joy of discovery is anticipated, embraced, and savored. An exploration of an unusual place, the excitement of an unexpected adventure, an indulgence in uncommon luxury. It is Ritz-Carlton Reserve – a rare place set aside for those who appreciate an exotic sanctuary tucked away in the most exquisite corners of the world”. Why use this quote instead of my own words? Because every word of this claim is true. Yep. You ready?

Vacations have always been a favorite type of schooling – or global clasroom – for our family

Before I say anything else, let’s acknowledge the fact that this is not just luxury travel. This is a step even above that so yes, it is one of the most indulgent ways to enjoy a vacation. If you’re like me, I need to know why this experience matters. If you’ve been with me for a while, you’ll know by now that my choices are not based on status, luxury, or class. My choices are always values and experience-based. Vacations have always been a favorite type of schooling – a global classroom I guess you could call it – for our family. I’ve been to other luxury hotels that I don’t write about because they did not pass the experience test and it felt more like a stay at a luxury factory than a place that inspired or enriched us in some way. 

5 Reasons Why the Dorado Beach Ritz Carlton Resort is Worth the Splurge

Having said all this, let’s get to the fun, shall we? Here are 5 reasons why it is totally worth the splurge.

#1 You will not need a vacation from the vacation. 

Ever hear the phrase “Gosh! I need a vacation after my vacation!”? Well, let’s start off by saying you will not be saying this after a stay at a Reserve Property. Before your travel even begins, you will hear from a dedicated member of the Customer Experience team. Don’t expect an auto-generated response thanking you for choosing their resort. This is a living, breathing human who will personally welcome you and help create a personalized itinerary. Why? Because then you can be worry-free, relaxed, and ready to enjoy the time with them from the moment you land at the airport to the moment you leave them. When you arrive, you will be welcomed by an entire team one of who will be your best friend aka your friendly butler who is a call or text away to ensure whatever you might need is taken care of.

#2 Investment in you and your family

A fellow guest and I struck up a conversation on the beach. At one point, she looked out into the calm, crystal clear blue waters and said to me, “When I get mad at work, I remind myself this is why I do it. This. This is my gift to myself every year.” This vacation is her annual investment in herself and her family. Imagine allowing yourself to be cared for in the kindest way possible, to be magically inspired by nature, to not be distracted by the noise of the outside world, and to not feel guilty about it. Work hard. Play harder. I like that philosophy!

#3 Authenticity @ the Dorado Beach Ritz Carlton

This is one of the most important values of our family. I also don’t feel comfortable in environments are conducive to pretentiousness which can sometimes be common in some luxury experiences. At this property though , from the staff to the fellow guests, there was none of this. Everyone we interacted with was not just polite and kind, they were humble and sincere. The staff did not come across as reciting the words they were trained to say and it never felt like they were in character playing a role. They were genuinely happy to be there and were just… human and treated us like their friends and shared persona stories as well. We are an inquisitive family haha so we asked a lot of questions and discovered how the staff felt cared for themselves! Did they make mistakes during our stay? Yes. One. They are human. The best part though? They completely owned up to it, apologized endlessly, and went out of their way to make up for it even when we didn’t expect anything. 

#4 Connecting in a Sanctuary

Another thing about a Ritz Carlton Reserve Property is that it has anywhere from 50 – 120 rooms depending on the property. This allows for an intimate experience and one where you never feel overwhelmed by the crowds. I knew there were others on the resort. In fact, it was almost a full house when we booked it. Of course, we also saw the other guests and even spoke to some of them. At the same time though we felt like we were in our own little bubble. It’s quite hard to explain how this is possible. Perhaps because the service was so personal and the property so expansive that there was enough room for everyone to be in their own little universe.

#5 One Stop Shop @ Dorado Beach Ritz Carlton

It’s quite an art to be able to curate experiences for your guests who have many different needs, desires and are always spread out all across the property. We had a cooking class, went snorkeling, paddle boarded, swam in the infinity pool, learned about cute little cocis and so much more, On top of this, there is a breathtaking nature-inspired spa where you can get a massage in the middle of the forest or even in the treetop. Yes. IN a treehouse. Before you even get to your masseuse, there is a whole entire indoor and outdoor experience you don’t want to miss. So make sure you get there at least a half-hour to an hour before your scheduled service. I can’t even describe it to you – just look at the pictures while I daydream about being there again.

For kids, there is a nature reserve for hiking, 3 pools, snorkeling, paddle boarding, kite surfing… I mean the list is endless. There is even a turtle sanctuary and ambassadors of the environment program for them. About the snorkeling… Imagine this: You literally grab snorkeling gear, walk into the super calm crystal clear ocean and swim to the coral reefs. We saw all kinds of fish and sea urchins!

Writing this reminds me that we need to go back to the Dorado Beach Ritz Carlton! The Reserve Property in Thailand is also calling out to me. Which one of the 5 would you like to experience?

xoxo, Mirfie & the Chan Fam

Mirfie Chan

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