3 of the Most Beautiful Places in Paris – a Different Perspective

What do you remember most about the places you’ve been to? The more I’ve traveled, the less it became about the places of interest that the tour books tell you are must-sees. It’s slowly become about a collection of moments captured by that invisible camera that resides in my mind. The camera in my head loves to take random shots and if I’m lucky, my hands remember to reach for an actual one in an attempt to capture the beauty that made me pause in admiration – including some of the most beautiful places in Paris.

the most beautiful places in Paris architecture

3 of the Most Beautiful Places in Paris

#1 Parisian Streets

During my last visit to the city of love, I found myself drawn to the beautiful doors that lined many Parisian streets. Their striking vibrant colors, the intricately carved wood, the renaissance sculptures that framed them, the small yet mighty brass knockers… all so elegantly majestic. Why had I not noticed this before? In hindsight, I think it was different this time because it coincided with the time I was leaving my job and embarking into the unknown territory of prioritizing myself. Perhaps the doors were more symbolic than I had realized back then.

the most beautiful places in Paris

#2 Street Art

A local we met in Paris once told us to remember to look up to appreciate the sights. Looking up is not a natural instinct in a time where we are glued to our phone screens… right? Typically, we are simply focused on getting to our destination and as quickly as possible too hah! Even on vacation, we are sometimes rushing to get from one place to another to check off the list.

This advice to look up changed how we traveled because I no longer scheduled jam-packed itineraries. This meant ensuring we did no more than one or two scheduled activities a day, giving us a lot of breathing room to explore leisurely. In Paris, there is a ton of street art & I consider it to be one of the most beautiful places in Paris. The ones I want to call out today are the ones on buildings – the ones you actually have to look up to notice and then ask yourself how you never saw that there before!

the most beautiful places in Paris street art

#3 Elegant Gardens – A Classic One of the Most Beautilful Places in Paris

Yes, this is the one and only cliche “must-see” attraction that I am including here. Although it is clearly curated, there is an oddly natural feel about the Tuileries Gardens & it is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Paris. My mind is quite simply rejecting that it was carefully designed and planned.

“What do you mean it didn’t naturally grow like this? Of course, the trees naturally lined up in that way at exactly that angle so that when you took a picture it would form that perfect tunnel effect behind you… No?” Haha! Maybe a logical explanation is that Paris is a city that exudes elegance and therefore it only made sense that nature was (un)expectedly elegant, too. After all… there’s just something about Paris 😉

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